Philosophy of the Firm from Inside the Firm

John A. Albritton and Albritton & Albritton today continue to serve clients and their referrals from the early days of practice. Obviously a large part of this success derives from trust and respect: from the strong relationship developed with both clients and peer referring attorneys.

The firm was started and has been built for the purpose of representing individuals in their legal needs. It is successful because of the ability of its members to effectively represent clients. Both John and Gayle have been long-time are members of the State Bar College, denoting their commitment to continuing legal education and skill development. Both are qualified mediators, denoting their commitment to peaceful conflict resolution. And John A. Albritton is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial Law.

One of the foundations of the firm is that good lawyers excel at properly evaluating cases and working toward amicable resolution of disputes whenever possible.

Our firm members have always believed that a strong voice for individuals aids in protecting those victims from losing voice in their fight for right.

Current atmosphere appears to forget or ignore that in order to be compensated for wrongs, a case must be proven. For example, if a doctor adheres to recognized standardized care, then that doctor will not be required to pay damages under medical malpractice claims. In other words, if a defendant does not commit negligence, i.e. if a defendant does what an ordinary prudent person would do under same or similar circumstances, then that defendant will not be required to pay damages for tort actions. There must be fault and that fault must be established with evidence. The very fact that a trial lawyer exists does not mean that an aggrieved party will automatically receive compensation.

The firm supports the Lawyers Creed and the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure guarding against frivolous lawsuits and Ms. Albritton served many years as a volunteer on the State Bar of Texas Grievance Committee in its quest to discipline attorneys who break the rules and to assist those attorneys who need impetus to improve their skills.

The firm promotes responsible actions by lawyers, drivers, doctors, employers, manufacturers, candlestick makers, bakers, and other providers of goods and services. The human condition need not necessarily exclude civility.

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